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January 6th, 2004 - Stop Dean — LiveJournal

About January 6th, 2004

Dean and Taxes 10:08 am
“Edwards Says Dean Wrong On Tax Repeal” Raleigh News & Observer, 1/6/04

While campaigning in Iowa on Monday, Sen. John Edwards suggested that former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is not as well attuned to the needs of middle-class Americans as he. Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, credited his presidential rival with putting forward a health care plan that would help the middle class. But Edwards told reporters he could not understand why Dean supports a full repeal of President Bush's tax cuts, including those that have benefited the middle class.

"Governor Dean does not understand what's happening with the middle class in this country," Edwards said.

Dean, the Democratic front-runner, has argued that most middle-class taxpayers received limited relief from Bush and that their savings have been erased by higher property taxes, health insurance premiums and other expenses.

Edwards made his comments to about three dozen reporters at a YMCA. The address was nearly identical to one he made Saturday in New Hampshire.

"If you want a president who's spent their entire life in politics, if you want people who've been in Washington for decades, you've got plenty of other choices," Edwards said. "If you want a president who spends most of their time telling you what's wrong with the other candidates, ... you've got plenty of other choices. But if you want a president who believes in you and wants to bring the changes to America that you believe in, you should be for John Edwards."

Dean and Accuracy 10:43 am
“Two Dean Ads Highlight Records, Proposals” Liz Sidoti, Associated Press, 1/5/04

Details of two television ads from Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, currently airing:

TITLE: "Prescription Drugs."

SCRIPT: Announcer: "As governor, he provided health care coverage for nearly every child in his state, and a prescription drug benefit for seniors. As president, Howard Dean will repeal the Bush tax cuts to provide health insurance for every American."

Howard Dean: "The only way we're going to get health care for everyone is to stand up to the special interests and change the way Washington works. But it won't happen without your help. I'm Howard Dean. I approved this message because on Jan. 27, you have the power to change this country."

ANALYSIS/ACCURACY: The ad says Dean "will repeal the Bush tax cuts to provide health insurance for every American." However, when Dean unveiled his health care proposal in May, his campaign said his goal is coverage for some 30.9 million of the nation's estimated 41 million uninsured. That is not "every American."

TITLE: "One Candidate."

SCRIPT: Announcer: "When some Democrats were supporting the war and defending Bush tax cuts, one candidate for president stood up to George Bush. Howard Dean opposed the war. He'll repeal the Bush tax cuts to provide health insurance for every American and take on the corporate special interests in Washington."

Dean: "It's not enough to change presidents. We have to change the way Washington works -- stand up to the lobbyists and the special interests and make government work for people again. I'm Howard Dean and I approve this message because with your help we can take our country back."
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