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January 25th, 2004 - Stop Dean — LiveJournal

About January 25th, 2004

Durking switches from Dean to Edwards 12:11 pm
Edwards Wins Endorsement of Former Senator John Durkin

NASHUA, NH: U.S. Senator John Edwards Sunday received the endorsement of former U.S. Senator John Durkin. Durkin chose to endorse Edwards after withdrawing his support for Howard Dean last week.

"I've followed Edwards very closely from day one and admired the way he has conducted the campaign here," said Durkin. "I think he still has the most progressive, thoughtful platform of all the candidates. It takes into consideration all the needs of the average working family, of small business and senior citizens. And he has been fighting all his life."

Senator Durkin is the second high-profile New Hampshire Democrat to switch his support to Edwards in the face of Edwards' groundswell of momentum. Just last week, Peter Burling, the New Hampshire House Democratic leader, switched his endorsement to Edwards after supporting Gephardt. These endorsements underscore the momentum that New Hampshire voters have been feeling over the past few days.

"I like all the candidates, but I'm trying to find the one who has the best chance of beating George Bush," said Durkin. "I think Sen. Edwards would be the best."

Durkin represented New Hampshire between 1975 and 1980. Durkin began his public service career with the United States Navy as a young man, then climbed his way up the ladder working for the state of New Hampshire.

"I am extremely honored today to have received the endorsement of Senator Durkin," said Edwards. "I think this endorsement recognizes that this campaign's positive message about what's possible is registering with voters all across the state of New Hampshire. I'm confident that on Tuesday, the voters of this state will send a message to the country that they want a candidate with an optimistic vision to change America."
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